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DX Dreams II

Jim Daneker

7.72 GB


We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. This patch requires an authorized and working copy of Kontakt Full. This patch will not run in the free Kontakt Player. Please note the minimum software version needed to run this patch in the “Minimum Software Version” section. If any additional plugins are needed they’re listed in the “Required Plugins” section.
  2. Keep in mind-other plugins or effects may have been used on the original recording. The Patch producer has done their best to replicate any external devices used on the recording. Also effect levels can change a song drastically. Try adjusting the amount/levels of effects or other settings in Kontakt and you may find the sound you’re looking for.
  3. The purchase of this patch entitles you to use it on ONE computer at a time. You may not share this patch with anyone else. You cannot resale this patch in any form. You cannot resample this patch in any form/format.
  4. Turn knobs, change settings, combine sounds and Have fun!

More From Jim Daneker

DX Dreams II for MainStage/Logic and Kontakt is an expansion of the original, sourced from the second generation of DX hardware: the DX7II, TX802, and FS1R.


With a focus on quality over quantity, DX Dreams II meticulously captures 28 new source sounds through British mic preamps for the ultimate reproduction of these legendary instruments. Most sounds were sampled across all 88 keys with as many velocity layers as necessary to make them indistinguishable from the original hardware. As with all BackStage Pass instruments, the level of detail and quality is off the charts.

Some highlights of DX Dreams II are 8 new electric pianos you can only get from the DX7II, TX802, and FS1R; they are sparkly, crystalline, and textural. There are also several pads, synth bells, arpeggios, basses, effects, and 10 combo patches that layer the EPs with acoustic pianos for those iconic 80s ballads. Finally, DX Dreams II comes with custom AMS reverb samples for complete 80s authenticity.


  • MainStage/Logic version requires a Mac with MainStage 3.4.4/Logic 10.5.0 or later installed, along with all factory content
  • Kontakt version requires Kontakt 6.7.1 or later (full retail version, not “Player), either Mac or PC
  • 15 GB free space on your system drive during download and installation; 7.3 GB post-installation
  • TouchOSC version 1 on any iPad if you want to use the optional touch editor (for MainStage version only).

Analog Pulse

Angelic Bells

Bad Mood Bass

Bad Synclavier

Big Picture Era

Boom & Smack

Dirty Mojito

Famous Full Tines






GS1 Puff Piano

GS2 Puff Piano

Kyoto Drift

LA Bells

OB Brass

OB Strings

Piano + Famous Full Tines

Piano + FS1R EP 1

Piano + FS1R EP 2

Piano + FS1R EP 3

Piano + FS1R EP 4

Piano + FS1R EP 5

Piano + GS1 Puff Piano

Piano + GS2 Puff Piano

Shanghai Chase

Short & Sweet

So Mysterious

Textural Bells

The Void

Trouble In Tokyo

Truly DX Dreams

TX802 Knockwurst

TX802 Super EP

Wired For Sound


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