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That Big Worship Drum Sound

Drum sample packs for CCM and Gospel worship

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The industry secret to making your drums sound epic.

    There are no two ways about it - if you want to sound like the pros then you’ve got to use drum samples. The most experienced engineers and producers use drum samples both live and in the studio because you simply can’t get the consistency and power you’re looking for by processing your direct-drum microphones alone. The purpose of samples is to enhance your existing sound, not to remove or replace the humanity in your live playing and productions, so read on to learn more about how improving your sound authentically.

How to use drum samples

Use hardware drum triggers or software to enhance your sound

How to Trigger Drum Samples

See how you can use Trigger2 to trigger drum samples live. This video demonstrates it in Logic Pro, but any DAW can be used.

Layering Electronic Samples

Stack multiple samples to enhance your natural drum sound.

Loading Samples Onto a Drum Pad

It's easy to drag and drop samples onto a drum pad to trigger live. Learn more in this video.

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