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Ambient Pads in Playback

Pad Player in Playback

Continuous pads supporting every song, transition, and unplanned moment.

Link to Your Setlist
Multiple Pad Sounds
Stay in the Moment
Ambient Pads in Playback

Pad Player re-invents ambient pads in Playback.

  • Independent ambient pads play alongside your setlist
  • Automatically transition between song keys
  • Use different ambient pads throughout your setlist
  • Take live control of pads with the Pad Player interface
Pad Player Instructions

Just press play.

The Pad Player links to your setlist, following song keys and transitions with the Ambient Pad of your choosing.

Fade any pad in or out at any point with the Pad button in the top transport row.

Customize with Pad Player

Prepare for every moment

Customize the Pad Player behavior for each song in your setlist. Turn the pad player off for a song, or choose to only play in the intro and outro of a song.

Assign a unique Ambient Pad to each song in your setlist including Playback Song Pads, custom-built pads crafted to match a growing number of songs in our catalog.

Take advantage of brand new transitions for cueing the next song, or staying in the moment with the pad when current song ends.

Pad Player Interface

Take control with the all-new Pad Player interface.

Playback can now be used as a fully operational pad machine. Crossfade between keys at will, and switch between any purchased Ambient Pad sounds in real time.

Create powerful moments on the fly by unlinking the Pad Player from your setlist, then re-link at any point with the touch of a button.

Respond with Pad Player

Respond to any moment.

While a pad is playing, use Playback’s Song Section Pre-Roll feature by navigating to any section of any song in your setlist. Press play, and you’ll hear a 1 bar count-off as the tracks fade in.

You can even download a new song while a pad is playing. Now, you can go in and out of any moment with flawless transitions.

Endless pad sounds to choose from.

Start for Free The Pad Player-exclusive Fundamental Ambient Pad is free for all Playback users.
Pads from Your Favorite Producers Browse Ambient Pads created for the Pad Player by Peter James, Coresound, and more.
Pads Built to Match the Song Unlock the entire growing catalog of Song Pads with Cloud Pro Plus.

Learn How To Use It

Follow this step-by-step guide to mastering the Pad Player for your next service.


Building a Setlist

Learn the basics of how the Pad Player interacts with your setlist and customize the Pad Player to create unique moments in each song and transition.


Craft New Transitions

With two new transitions Stay in Song and Cue Next Song, you can decide if you want the pad player to continue after a song ends, or if the pad should fade out with the tracks.


Click & Pad

Learn how to use Click & Pad songs to build extended moments in your service. Create a prayer moment, spiritual direction, or simply add a click & pad for your team to play along with.


The Pad Player Interface

Navigate between pad keys and sounds instantly at any time during a setlist. Learn how to use Playback as a fully operational pad machine and how Link mode works.


Song Section Pre Roll

Jump in and out of any song seamlessly with a 1-bar section count off for greater flexibility during a worship service.


Song Pads

Song Specific Pads are ambient pads custom-built to match the tracks of songs in our catalog. Learn how to use them in your setlist for a more cohesive sound.

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