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How Credits Work

Credits make your dollars go even further. Credits can be used to purchase any of our non-subscription products: Tracks, Sounds, Charts, and ProPresenter files. Credits are available for one year from the date of purchase. Credits are not required to purchase products. Note: credits can not be used to rent songs in the tracks Playback app.

Credit Membership

Credit Memberships offer our best value for buying credits. Save 25% on purchases with a Credit Membership by paying $0.75 per credit.

Annual Membership
Credit Membership
780 Credits available for the year
$588 USD / year
$0.75 USD per credit (aprox.)
$192 USD Savings
Monthly Credit Bundle
Credit Membership
65 Credits available each month
$49 USD / month
$0.75 USD per credit
$16 USD Savings

Individual Credit Bundles

Purchase a credit bundle and make your dollar go even further. The more you buy the more you can save. Choose from three bundles perfect for any team ready to jump into Multitracks, Charts, Sounds and more.

Small Bundle
125 Credits
$119 USD
$0.95 USD per credit
$6 USD Savings
Medium Bundle
250 Credits
$222.50 USD
$0.89 USD per credit
$27 USD Savings
Large Bundle
500 Credits
$395 USD
$0.79 USD per credit
$105 USD Savings
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